Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Door Lock with Fingerprint Access

A Smarter Kind of Simple™

The Smart Lock as unique as your fingerprint.

Simply use your unique fingerprint to lock and unlock your door. Halo Touch brings all the convenience and security right to your fingertips.
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Halo Touch Fingerprint Door Lock in contemporary style
Satin Nickel
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Halo Touch Fingerprint Door Lock in traditional style
Satin Nickel
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Quick and easy setup.
All you need is your existing WiFi network + smartphone + Halo Touch smart lock. It's that easy!
Smart home Wi-fi router
Home wi-fi
  • Connect directly to Wi-Fi
  • No additional cost for a hub
  • Smart Home compatible
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Weiser Halo Touch Fingerprint Door lock
Halo Touch

Be the envy of the neighborhood with Halo Touch.

Control from anywhere using the Weiser App.

With the Weiser app and your smartphone, you can manage your lock from anywhere. Lock and unlock, manage users, view lock activity, receive lock notifications and much more. Your existing home Wi-Fi network and an internet connection brings the ultimate in security and convenience right to your finger tips.

Weiser app icon
Works with the Weiser App

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"Alexa, unlock my front door"

You can lock and unlock as well as check the status of the Halo Touch smart lock using voice commands via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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Pair with stylish Weiser hardware.

Select a style
Weiser Halo Touch Fingerprint Door Lock Contemporary
Weiser Halo Touch Fingerprint Door Lock Traditional
Handles, levers, knobs sold separately
Weiser Halo Touch Fingerprint Door lock with Halifax Door Lever
Halifax Square Lever
Available in Satin Nickel and Matte Black
Weiser Halo Touch Fingerprint Door Lock with San Clementer Door Handle
San Clemente Handle
Available in Satin Nickel and Matte Black
Weiser Halo Touch Fingerprint Door Lock with Prescott Door Handle
Prescott Handle
Available in Satin Nickel and Venetian Bronze
Weiser Halo Touch Fingerprint Door Lock with Tustin Door Lever
Toluca Lever
Available in Satin Nickel and Matte Black

Manage access to your home.

  • anytime

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    Can be used everyday at any time. Perfect for family members and others who come and go frequently.

  • limited by date

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    Can be used anytime within the date range set. Ideal for house vacationers who are meant to only stay from one date to another.

  • limited by weekday and time

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    Can be used anytime or recurringly within set dates and times. For housekeepers and others that consistently come on certain days and times.

Different scenarios for Weiser app fingerprint door lock usage

Features & Benefits

SmartKey Security provides superior security, protecting homes from advanced break-in techniques. SmartKey Security also allows you to re-key your lock in seconds.

smartkey security

BHMA certified. Halo Touch meets the highest certified residential grade performance standards for builder's hardware. These standards ensure the quality and durability of locksets through a series of operational and security tests.

Weiser durability

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a fingerprint door lock?

    Fingerprint door locks are advanced security locks that use biometric authentication to lock and unlock your door with the unique pattern of your fingerprint. Fingerprints are generally more secure when compared to PIN codes, as they are unique to individuals and difficult to impersonate. Additionally, only fingerprints registered to the lock can unlock the door. Accessing a door using your fingerprint also helps prevent lockouts due to lost keys.
  • Are fingerprint door locks secure?

    Generally, fingerprints are more secure when compared to 4-digit PIN codes. Additional security measures have been implemented in Halo Touch such as digitizing and encrypting the fingerprint image using 128-bit AES encryption. Furthermore, the encrypted and digitized fingerprint images are locally stored in a secured memory partition on the lock and not stored in the cloud.
  • How does a fingerprint door lock work?

    In addition to using a fingerprint to lock/unlock your home, Halo Touch allows the homeowner to use a regular key to unlock/lock the door. Also, the Weiser App can also be used to lock/unlock as well as manage users and access for the fingerprint door lock.
  • Can any fingerprint be used for unlocking the lock?

    Any fingerprint that is registered on the lock can be used for unlocking, however, for locking any fingerprint even if not registered will be able to lock. The registration of a fingerprint is completed within Bluetooth range in the Weiser App.
  • How do you install the fingerprint door lock?

    Please refer to the interactive guide for installing the Halo Touch:

    Interactive Guide

    PDF Installation Guides:

    English | French
  • What are the benefits of a fingerprint door lock?

    The biggest benefit is that you cannot be locked out of your home since the fingerprint door lock can be unlocked using your unique fingerprint. Additional convenience is the speed that the door can be locked or unlocked without needing a phone or device to access the front door. Halo Touch also allows a traditional key to be used as a backup and along with SmartKey Security™ technology to easily re-key the lock and protects against advance break-in techniques
  • How many fingerprints can the lock hold?

    The Halo Touch fingerprint door lock can register up to 100 fingerprint scans or up to 50 user per lock.
  • Is the Weiser App required to manage the fingerprint door lock?

    Yes, the Weiser app is required to manage the Fingerprint lock. When connected to the existing Wi-Fi network in your home, the Weiser App allows to remotely grant access as well as monitor activity.
  • Can you control the fingerprint door lock using voice control?

    Yes, Halo Touch will support both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control.
  • Do I need a smart hub to connect the fingerprint door lock?

    The fingerprint door lock has Wi-Fi capability so that it can connect directly to a Wi-Fi network without needing a smart hub/ home automation system.

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