Bluetooth® keypad smart lock

Aura is a convenient upgrade to your door hardware with simple smart lock programming functions accessible on your mobile phone, using Bluetooth technology.

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Mobile devices communicate with Aura via Bluetooth.

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Using the Weiser App within Bluetooth range of your lock, you can lock or unlock your deadbolt from your smart phone.


Three ways to operate your Aura Smart Lock.

Weiser App

Take control of your home security and manage your Aura Smart Lock from your phone when you are within Bluetooth range.

Coded Entry

The convenience of keyless entry with up to 250 user codes with an optional mastercode for added security.

Traditional Keyway

The peace-of-mind of always having the option to use a traditional key if ever needed.

Within Bluetooth range, use the new Weiser App to control access to your home

Manage your Aura Smart Lock from your phone when you are within Bluetooth range. Lock and unlock the door, add or remove users, control access and monitor usage - all from your smart phone.

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Levels of access for all who come and go.

Create, remove and customize access to all those who enter your home. With Aura, you can create entry codes for a variety of needs.


Can be used everyday at any time. Perfect for family members and others who come and go frequently.

Limited by Date Range

Can be used anytime within the date range. Ideal for house vacationers who are meant to only stay from one date to another.

Limited by Day or Time

Can be used recurringly within a set dates and times. For housekeepers that consistently come on certain days and times. 

One Time

Can be used one time within the next 24-hours. Ideal for contractors who require a single instance of entering your home.

Manage everything from the Weiser App within Bluetooth range.

Track all lock activity.

The Weiser app's Lock Activity screen conveniently displays all of Aura’s activity including actions such as locking, unlocking, low battery warning, manual key-based entries, and other alerts.

Easily set up codes from your mobile device.

Manage and control access to your home conveniently from your phone. Program up to 250 codes, and the optional mastercode provides even more security.

Additional Features

Accessible Battery Compartment

Easily replace your batteries when needed

One-Touch Locking Button

Dedicated button to easily lock your door

Low Battery Alerts (Audible & Visual)

Audible beep and visual flash when the batteries are low

20 Minutes Fire Rating

Meets the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Standards independent product safety certification.

smartkey security

One-key Convenience.

SmartKey Security provides superior security, protecting homes from advanced break-in techniques. SmartKey Security also allows you to re-key your lock in seconds.

SmartKey security

BHMA Certified

Weiser products meet the performance standards for builder's hardware. These standards ensure the quality and durability of locksets through a series of operational and security tests.

Weiser durability

Available Finishes