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Multi-Level Encryption

Kevo uses multiple levels of military-grade encryption to guarantee advanced smart lock security.

Dual Authentication

Kevo uses dual factor authentication for the highest level of security.

Lost phone?

Log into your online account to disable your phone access and suspend eKeys within seconds.

Monitor Access

A history of the lock’s activity may be viewed through the Kevo app.

Detects your location.

Kevo is the only smart lock that is intelligent enough to know whether you and your phone are inside or outside of your home before unlocking.

Keeps you safe.

When your phone is indoors, Kevo maintains your home's security and will not unlock if touched, keeping your family secure.

Sees you arrive.

When your phone is outside, Kevo will recognize you approaching your front door and will unlock when touched, so your phone can stay in your pocket or purse.

The leader in residential locks.

Backed by over 110 years of door lock innovation, Kevo was made to protect your world — from the inside out.

Diagram showing Kevo lock
Kevo door and hardware diagram
  1. Backup Traditional Keyway

    For those moments you can't anticipate, you've got backup with traditional key access.

  2. Advanced SmartKey™ Technology

    Enhanced protection against lock picking and lock bumping.

  3. Tapered Latch

    Enables misaligned doors to lock without pushing or pulling the door shut.

Diagram showing inside Kevo
  1. Positioning Technology

    Detects whether you're inside or outside of the home before granting access, to help prevent unauthorized entry.


SmartKey Security.

SmartKey Security provides strong resistance against sophisticated forced entry techniques and undetectable entry methods, like lock picking and lock bumping.

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