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WeiserLock Smart Scan (BioLock) - Users & Admin

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Q1: Can anybody enroll himself and have access to the system?
No. Only an Admin is authorized to enroll new users.


Q2: What is an Admin?
An Administrator is a user that is authorized to Manage system functions such as Enroll, Delete or Rename other users; he/she is also authorized to assign administrative privileges to other users.

Q3: How do I become an Admin?
The first user automatically becomes an Administrator; in turn he may assign admin privileges to other users.


Q4: Does the First Admin have more privileges than subsequent ones?
No, the system treats all Admin the same.

Q5: Is there a limit to the number of Administrators that I can have?
No; you can have as many Administrators as users. To prevent system tampering and unauthorized use however, it is recommended that you limit the number of Admin to 2 or 3.


Q6: How do I enroll the first user?
Q7: How do I enroll subsequent users?
Q8: How do I operate the lock?
Q9: How do I rename a user?
Q10: How do I make admin or revoke admin?
Q11: How do I schedule or limit user's access?
Q12: How do I enable/disable a user?
Q13: How do I permanently delete a user?
Q14: How do I change settings - Clock, Deadbolt, Locktime or Biometrics?


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