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WeiserLock Smart Scan (BioLock) - Security

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Q1: Can someone "steal" my fingerprint and use it in "Identity theft" scam?

No. Your fingerprint is NOT stored in the system: The data collected during swiping is used to extract a mathematical expression of the features that make your print unique. This mathematical representation is what is stored in memory. This method is both economical (small memory requirements) and secure (unable to duplicate the actual fingerprint.)


Q2: Can someone "lift" my fingerprint and access the lock using a picture of it?

Fingerprint "lifting" from a swipe based system, like the SmartScan lock, is almost impossible since the data is acquired in sections and the image is reconstructed "On the fly." In the event however, that the print is lifted from elsewhere, it will require a 3-Dimensional LIVE mock-up in order to fool the SmartScan system; this is a lengthy, sophisticated and expensive process that requires knowledge and equipment not readily available.


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