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WeiserLock Smart Scan (BioLock) - Operating the system (finger swipe)

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Q1: My child has difficulty operating the lock (fail to match). What can I do?
Young children may have difficulty authenticating, probably due to inconsistent finger swipes (speed, position and angle.) To improve success rate try one or both of the following:
1. Change "Biometrics" from "High" to "Normal" to increase system sensitivity. Switch back to "High" when children become familiar with the lock.
2. Enroll the same finger of the child more than once. After a short period of time, practice will eventually eliminate the need for multiple enrollments.


Q2: Why does the unit not read my finger the first time I swipe my finger.
It is important to wait for the system to wake up or activate before swiping your finger. If you begin swiping or moving your finger before the system is awake the full fingerprint is not captured for comparison.


Q3: Can I use my finger on my left hand or right hand? Does the direction of the swipe make a difference?
The system is designed to capture data from either direction; as long as the direction and finger of the swipe matches the direction and the finger of enrollment, the lock will function properly.


Q4: What do the LED colors indicate?
Green: System is awake and ready to accept commands
Orange: The system is capturing fingerprint data.
Red: Authentication (comparing captured data to templates in memory) failed


Q5: If my finger gets dirty will the unit still work?
The SmartScan finger print sensor uses RF techniques to collect data from below the skin therefore, its "reading" ability is not affected by dirt. It is advisable however, to wipe dirt and sand off, prior to swiping, to avoid scratching the sensor's protective glass surface.


Q6: If I cut my finger will the unit still work?
The system reads sub-dermal (below the skin) fingerprint data therefore is tolerant to small cuts and skin blemishes. It will not however, read through a bandage.


Q7: If I go swimming for a long period of time will my finger still work?
Staying in water for prolonged periods may distort fingerprint data, resulting in failure to authenticate. A few minutes of "drying" time will be sufficient to remedy the problem.


Q8: Should I carry a key as a back-up?
An alternate way to access the premises is advisable. A back-up key is recommended


Q9: What is the purpose of having the thumb on the deadbolt while finger swiping?
The thumb is used as a pivot point to control swiping speed and angle.


Q10: Does the lock work if the finger is scanned in a vertical position?
No; data is collected by swiping Left to Right or Right to Left only.


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