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WeiserLock Smart Scan (BioLock) - Deadbolt

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Q1: How do I set up the Deadbolt Direction?


Set Deadbolt Direction


  1. From the opening menu (figure 3), highlight Administrator (ADMIN) and press check - see figure 4
  2. Select SETTINGS and press check 
  3. Select DEADBOLT and press check 
  4. Scroll the arrow pointing in the direction of your deadbolt (<= or = >) then press check; your deadbolt direction is not set - see figure 5.
  5. Press the back/minus (-) button twice to return to the opening menu.


Q2: Why can't I enroll without setting the Deadbolt direction in the system?
In order for the system to operate predictably, it needs to "know" which direction to drive the bolt when Lock or Unlock commands are issued. Before the first user is allowed to enroll, the Dead Bolt direction needs to be set.


Q3: Do I have to set the "Deadbolt direction" every time I enroll a user?
No, once the dead bolt direction is set, it is stored in non-volatile memory and it does not have to be reset even when power is removed. Bolt direction may be changed, as applicable, if the lock is installed on a different door.


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