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WeiserLock Smart scan (BioLock) - Batteries

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Q1: How do I install the batteries?


Batteries Installation


  1. Lift the plastic cover off the interior side of the SmartScan (grab the sides just under the display and pull out and up) - see figure.
  2. Install 4 new AA-Alkaline batteries (not included in the package) battery positions are shown on the battery case - see figure2.
  3. Press any key to activate screen.

Q2: How long will SmartScan last on a single set of batteries?
Under normal use (10-15 accesses per day) SmartScan should operate for a year on a single set of alkaline batteries.


Q3: How can I conserve battery life?
The system goes to Low-power "sleep" mode after 30 seconds of inactivity; in this mode minimum power is consumed. Whenever the system is active (display on or driving the deadbolt) it consumes maximum power. Avoiding "waking up" the system unnecessarily will extend battery life.


Q4: How long can the system stay in "sleep" mode without losing its setting?
In sleep mode SmartScan can run for several years on a single set of batteries. It is impossible for SmartScan to "forget" its settings even if the batteries are removed.


Q5: How do I know when to replace the batteries?

  1. Look at the battery icon in the opening menu. Amount of shading corresponds
    to remaining battery charge.
  2. Check battery voltage under "Settings" Replace batteries when indicated
    voltage is 4.3V or less.
  3. When batteries need replacement, the system emits a warning beeping sound
    after locking or unlocking the door.
  4. When accessing the bolt, the motor will sound "straining" under low battery

Q6: Do I have to reconfigure the lock when I replace batteries?
No; system configuration and user information & data, are saved in non volatile Flash memory (similar to the one used in jump-drives and MP3 players;) data may be stored indefinitely without the need of batteries.
One exception to this rule however, is the clock: It is recommended that battery replacement is accomplished within 2 minutes, otherwise Day and Time may need to be reset. No other components are affected.


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