New Home Owner Tips

New Home? Old Locks?

It’s a great feeling when you close on a house and you are handed the keys? But who else has a key to your home? Do you know who the previous owners loaned keys to? During the sales process realtors, inspectors, potential buyers and workmen are in and out of the house. Many times these individuals are allowed use of the door keys unsupervised.

One of the best security precautions you can take is to replace or re-key your locks immediately after you move in. Replacing or re-keying your exterior locks is the only way to ensure that only you control the keys to your new home. Don’t make it easy for burglars to walk through your front door with the key.

In addition, call you local police department for a home security inspection. Many local law enforcement agencies will review your home’s security measures and point out any areas of concern.

Inquire about Neighborhood watch programs. Call your local police department to determine if your new community has a Neighborhood Watch program.

Read the Weiser safety tips for more information on securing your home.

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