Schlage® SecureKeyWas Picked 44 Times in 56 Attempts, While SmartKey® Was Picked Only Once

Mississauga, ON. (Aug. 26, 2010) – Kwikset®, in an effort to demonstrate the superior pick-resistance of the award-winning SmartKey® deadbolt with BumpGuard protection, recently hosted a lock-picking competition for professional locksmiths at the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) Convention in Orlando, Fla. The industry changing technology has been widely available in Canada under the iconic Weiser® brand name since it’s introduction in 2006, and was subsequently launched in the U.S. in 2007 by it’s sister brand, Kwikset®.   SmartKey has been highly-successful on both sides of the border, due to its re-key technology, which allows homeowners to re-key their own locks, quickly and easily in seconds, without removal from the door for improved security and access control.

The results of the lock-picking competition at ALOA demonstrated that out of the 56 SmartKey deadbolts that locksmiths attempted to pick, only one lock was successfully picked, at a time of eight minutes and 16 seconds. Of the 56 Schlage® SecureKeydeadbolts that locksmiths attempted to pick, 44 were successfully picked, one in as fast as 7.16 seconds. In percentages, the SmartKey deadbolt was picked in less than 2 percent of attempts, while Schlage’s SecureKey was picked in over 78 percent of lock-picking attempts. In fact, while given a full 10 minutes to attempt a successful pick, 20 of the locksmiths who were able to pick SecureKey, were able to do so in less than 60 seconds.  

ALOA Professional Lock-Picking Competition

Qualified and interested locksmiths volunteered and were selected on a first-come, first-serve basis onsite in the tradeshow booth. Participants were given 10 minutes to attempt to pick a brand-new Schlage SecureKey deadbolt. The same participants were given another 10 minutes to attempt to pick a brand-new SmartKey deadbolt. All of the locks were purchased by a third party, removed from its packaging on-site and installed on a mount for each locksmith at the beginning of each contest. As per the rules of the competition, the one locksmith who was successful at picking the SmartKey deadbolt was awarded a $5,000 cash prize. The 44 locksmiths who were able to pick the Schlage SecureKey deadbolt were each awarded $100 gift cards. At the conclusion of the show, the locksmith with the fastest lock-picking time in the competition, 7.16 seconds for Schlage’s SecureKey, received a cash prize of $1,000.

“It was great to be back at ALOA this year,” said Brent Flaharty, vice president of marketing, Kwikset. “Our goal was to showcase that our SmartKey products are of the highest-possible quality, as well as technologically innovative. I think the results of the lock-picking competition show that SmartKey is a superior product in the marketplace.”

About SmartKey

SmartKey combines the simplicity of re-keying in seconds without removing the lock from the door, the pick-resistance to withstand the highest levels of UL testing, and the security of BumpGuard to protect against lock-bumping attacks. Since the technology was first introduced by Weiser in 2006 in the mid-price point products, Weiser has expanded the availability of this technology to all of its core product families. This expansion has given a greater number of homeowners the ability to provide their families with improved home security, peace of mind, and convenience.

Weiser’s SmartKey deadbolts and locks feature a patented side-locking bar technology, central to the locks’ ability to be rapidly and easily re-keyed. This stainless steel side-locking bar also replaces the traditional pin and tumbler design that is particularly vulnerable to increasingly popular lock-bumping attacks. Additionally, the cylinder uses two steel balls inserted into the front of the key face to provide improved drill resistance. Delivering outstanding strength and protection, SmartKey deadbolts and locks have passed the most stringent lock-picking standard, UL 437, par. 11.6, as well as delivered outstanding results at the recent ALOA professional lock-picking competition.

About Weiser

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