Good Night.
Lock all your doors
with a single touch.

Sleep easy tonight, knowing all your doors are locked with one touch on your security panel, smart phone or tablet from anywhere in your home.

The lock speaks to your security system
or home automation controller

No more rushing to your security system panel to disarm it upon entry.

Easily arm the security system upon leaving with the touch of one button.

Locks Doors When Security System is Armed

Disarms Security System When Door is Unlocked

Save money on energy usage

Use your lock when you leave to control the thermostat settings. Through proper use of a programmable thermostat you can save about $180/year in energy costs*.

5.0% Annual Savings
*The annual energy bill for a typical single family home is approximately $2,200.

Welcome Home

Customize your home upon entry, with everything set just the way you like it.


Lights automatically turn on so you don't enter a dark home.


Have your favorite music start playing when you walk in.


Automatically turn on your heat or AC after being off while you were away.