Weiser offers many different configurations with the door hardware that it offers.
Here you will find the industry terminology demystified and also find valuable
information to help you make an informed decision regarding your door
hardware. Topics that we will cover are:

ANSI/BHMA Grading System
Door Thickness
Door Preparation



BHMA (Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association) is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to develop and maintain performance standards for builder's hardware. ANSI/BHMA standards set forth different product grades for door hardware products. These product grades are defined by progressive levels of performance benchmarks in each applicable standard. The purpose of each is to help identify the quality and durability of locksets through a series of operational and security tests. Following is an explanation of the grades of door hardware products.

ANSI Chart

Grade 1

  • Meets commercial building requirements.
  • Provides the best security available.

Grade 2

  • Meets light commercial and exceeds residential building requirements.
  • Exceeds standard residential security requirements.

Grade 3

  • Meets residential building requirements
  • Provides standard residential security


Door Hardware functions


These door hardware products will provide a locking function in the way of a "deadlatch" or "deadbolt" that keeps the door from being opened on the exterior side of the door. They can come keyed on the exterior side with a turnbutton or thumbturn on the interior side or keyed on both the interior and exterior sides.


  • Single Cylinder Deadbolt
    A single cylinder deadbolt is typically used on a front or back exterior door and is operated with a key from the exterior of the home and a thumbturn from the interior.
  • Double Cylinder Deadbolt
    A double cylinder deadbolt is typically used on a front or back exterior door and is operated with a key from both the exterior and interior of the home. Double cylinder deadbolts are recommended when a window is in close proximity to the door. The interior keyway prevents an intruder from accessing your home by breaking the glass and turning the thumb turn to open the door.


  • A handleset is operated with a key from the exterior of the home and a thumbturn from the interior.
  • Exterior Keyed Knob or Lever
  • These can be used in places such as entry doors, garage doors or in combination with a deadbolt product.


  • Locking
    A type of locking interior door product is most commonly called "privacy" or "bed and bath". This product provides a turn button on the inside and comes with an emergency release on the outside that allows the door to be unlocked by inserting an emergency release tool.
  • Non-Locking
    Non-locking products are typically called a passage or hall/closet. These products have a latch that retracts when they are turned and allow entry but do not provide a locking function.
  • Inactive
    A product that is considered non-functional is static or stationary. These products do not have a latch and do not turn or perform a function other than for decorative purposes. An example of this type of product is an entrance door handleset that is installed on the stationary double door.


Some styles of Weiser levers are handed, usually due to a curved design. There are left-handed levers and right-handed levers. To determine the appropriate handing for your door, look at the hinges from the exterior side of the door. If the hinges are on the left, you require a left-handed lever. If the hinges are on the right, you need a right-handed lever.



Fast-Install is a patent pending device that utilizes pre-installed lead screws and patented alignment plates to significantly reduce installation time and eliminate common mistakes for door hardware installation.

Square Faceplate


The metal sheet that surrounds the bolt and is mounted to the door edge. There are three types:

Square corners

Rounded corners

A circular ring around the bolt

Latches that utilize interchangeable faceplates are referred to as universal or 6-way latches. Universal latches include a drive-in latch and both square and radius faceplates that can be attached to the latch to simulate a fixed faceplate latch. The 6-way latch designation comes from the 6 different door requirement combinations that the universal latch will accommodate (i.e. 3 door configurations x two backset options each = 6 ways to utilize).



The metal attachment that is mounted onto the doorframe. There are many different types including round and square and are supplied usually by function (deadbolt, full-lip, etc.).


Door Thickness

Weiser locksets provide automatic adjustment to door thickness within the ranges specified for each product. Most standard doors have a thickness of 1-3/4", however, it is necessary to measure this dimension to determine what your needs are for your door hardware. Please refer to the technical specifications of each of our products to make sure your door and the door hardware you choose are compatible.


Door Preparation

  • Most doors, excluding custom made doors, come pre-drilled for door hardware. In most cases, Weiser door hardware will fit your door.
  • Most Weiser door hardware (knobs, levers, and handlesets) fit doors with a 2-1/8" cross bore diameter hole.
  • Most deadbolts fit a 1 1/2" cross bore diameter hole.
  • The latch hole (on the side) should be 1" in diameter for most products.

Refer to the installation instructions packed with each individual product for specific details.



Weiser offers products that can be keyed alike by yourself with our patented SmartKey technology. This means that when you purchase new door hardware from Weiser, you can key it to match your existing door hardware. For instance, if you already own a Weiser keyed product, locksmiths and participating stores can key your new locks to your old key. Additionally, if you have four doors that lead to the outside, you can have one key that opens all doors. Serial numbers are placed on the packaging of keyed product.

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