Remodeling a home can be a wonderful and gratifying experience. Creating a
new look for all the elements in your home can help you tie in details
determined by finish and fashion trends.

Coordinating Your Home

Fashion Trends

Finish Trends

Coordinating Your Home

At Weiser, we realize that making a house a home can take more than placing furniture in the right position or choosing the right paint color. To create a lasting first impression, we believe it begins with your front entryway. The door hardware is often the first thing that visitors touch and feel and can set the tone for the rest of your home. Express who you are by finding the right door hardware style and finish that completes your home décor. Weiser offers many door hardware styles at different price points that can pull together your design ideas to make your home uniquely yours.

Fashion Trends

In today’s world, fashion trends are not just for clothing. Home décor has developed into an expanding arena that expresses your style. At Weiser, we recognize what is important to you--quality design at an affordable price. Beautify your home with quality door hardware and define your fashion direction with the latest finishes and styles from Weiser.

Finish Trends

Our philosophy is that a finish can make all the difference. From Polished Brass to Venetian Bronze™, the hardware finish chosen for your home makes a powerful statement. It can, quite literally, finish off a room, giving it style and polish. Weiser offers door hardware in decorative finishes in a variety of polished, satin and antique finish choices that coordinate with other design elements in your home.

Bright Brass
A warm gold brass finish that has a beautiful reflective quality, coupled with a Lifetime finish warranty.

Antique Brass
A darker brass color that has gold and brown highlights with a polished and powder-coated matte-like finish.

Venetian Bronze™
A warm dark brown finish that is hand-finished to create unique bronze highlights, then preserved with a protective powder coat.

Satin Nickel
A light, silver-gray satin finish with a polished powder-coated look.

Antique Nickel
A dark silver-gray satin finish with a polished powder-coated look.

Polished Chrome
A bright, reflective chrome finish.

Satin Chrome
A gray metal finish with matte-like qualities.

You can compare the Finishes here.

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