Functions & Applications

Interior Doors

  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Closet and passage
  • Office
  • Storeroom

What you need:

  • Many homeowners will find that locks with a passage function are sufficient for most interior doors. This lockset has no cylinder and is freely operational from both sides of the door at all times. It is used on doors in hallways, closets, and other rooms where locks are not needed.
  • Privacy locks are similar to passage locks, but they include locking using a push or turn button from inside of a room. They are used on bathrooms and bedrooms, where privacy is needed, and typically feature an emergency release mechanism on the outside.
  • For home offices, consider using a free interior entrance lockset, which can be locked with a key from the outside. Occupants can freely exit the room at anytime without a key.
  • If you have a storeroom or pantry that you need to keep kids out of, use a lock with a storeroom function. This lock is always locked unless opened with a key. When the door is closed, the lock automatically reverts back to a locked position. From inside the room, the door will open freely at all times to allow someone inside the room to exit.
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