How To Choose

How do I choose the right hardware for my door? Can I get one key for all my locks? Do I have to sacrifice style for security?  Whether you're replacing a single door or remodeling your home, learn what you need to know to choose the right interior and exterior door hardware.

How Locks Work

Learn the ins and outs of our revolutionary home door lock designs, featuring unparalleled security and protection for your home.

When To Replace a Lock

To avoid expensive late-night calls to professionals, keep an eye open for signs that your door hardware need to be replaced.


Here you will find the door hardware industry terminology demystified and other valuable information.

Industry Standards

Industry security standards ensure the quality of locks within defined benchmarks of operation and security.


Browse our finishes for design inspirations to make your doors uniquely your own.

Functions & Applications

Door hardware functions vary from interior and exterior doors and can be locking, non-locking, and inactive.

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