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Keyless Door Locks

No more worrying about keys!
Weiser's keyless door locks make getting into and out of your home simple, quick and secure. Using our convenient keyless technology all you need to do is punch in your code or with Weiser Kevo using your Iphone and the door unlocks. You can assign guest codes and be alerted when someone is trying to guess your code.

Available Keyless Door Locks

Below are the Weiser electronic locks. Each can be opened with either a key or a keyless touchpad for your convenience. Also, with Weiser Kevo bluetooth lock, you can open your door simply with your iPhone.



Weiser's pioneering touchpad electronic deadbolt. Keyless, electronic security on every door.

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ReKey-Step1 Weiser's stylish and functional update to the electronic deadbolt. Featuring a back-lit keypad, keyless entry and mutliple styles.

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Smartcode Lever


Electronic touchpad locking lever: the ideal keyless entry lock for interior doors.

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Kevo Bluetooth Lock

With Weiser Kevo, all you need is your smartphone to unlock your door... just touch the lock to open. What could be easier than a smartphone door lock?

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