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Handleset Images

Handlesets are the perfect addition to your front door, offering maximum-security protection in a variety of fashionable finishes and styles.

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Lever Images

Levers offer stylish and upscale decorating alternatives that make doors easier to open and close, especially for anyone who has difficulty turning a knob.

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Knob Images

Knobsets straight forward functionality and classic looks provide ease of entry for any room.

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Deadbolt Images

Deadbolts with a full one-inch projection provide added security and peace of mind.

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Smart Series Images

SmartCode™ provides the convenience of keyless access for today's active lifestyle. The latest in electronic technology operates on just 4 AA batteries and permits access with your personalized code or a key. It is easy to install, easy to program and easy to use. SmartCode requires no hard-wiring and easily replaces existing door hardware.

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The Powerbolt® Keyless Home Access System provides safe, quick access for homeowners and their families, with the use of a four-to-eight-digit access code.

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The SmartCode Lever is our stylish new electronic touchpad locking lever. Ideal for interior or exterior rooms needing convenient secuirty.

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Designer Roses
Designer Roses Images

Designer Roses allows you to easily upgrade the look of your Collections or Welcome Home levers.

Sold separately as an accessory or configured and packed with a lever.

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SmartKey Padlocks
SmartKey Padlocks Group

Now you can use the sme key to unlock your home and padlock.

  • Bump Prove and Pick Resistant
  • Hardened Molybdenum Shackle
  • Dual Ball Bearing Locking
  • Uses SmartKey Keyway

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