Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Weiser?

    Weiser is the # 1 Residential Lock Brand in Canada for Consumers as well as Top 100 Builders. Weiser locks have been trusted by millions of families for security and peace of mind for over 60 years.

  • How many user codes can be programmed into the lock?

    30 user codes each of which can be 4-8 digits in length

  • What systems can the Weiser Home Connect lock be interated with?

    Weiser locks can connect with most Z-Wave and ZigBee systems currently on the market. With the changes in technology, our engineers are always working on the up to date product to work with as many systems as possible.

  • What makes the Weiser Home Connect lock different from the locks sold in big box retailers?

    The locks that are sold in big box retailers are stand alone locks and do not have the capability of communicating with home security and automation systems and cannot be upgraded in the field

  • How difficult is the installation of one of these locks?

    Locks are simple to install in about 5-10 minutes and only require a Phillips head screw driver. There is no drilling required as the locks use all existing holes.

  • How robust is the lock?

    Weiser deadbolts have a SmartKey® with BumpGuard™ cylinder. This is the strongest residential cylinder available on the market and cannot be picked by professional locksmiths or bumped by criminals.

  • What happens if the door is thicker than 2"?

    With the hardware supplied in the box, the lock will be fine on a door up to 2 1/8". Kwisket has thick door kits available to fit doors up to 2 1/2” by simply calling our technical support team (866) 863-6584.

  • How do I disable the flashing LED on the locks interior?

    To turn this feature off, take the cover off of the interior portion of the lock. Towards the bottom right are 4 settings. The LED notification is setting #1. Simply push the switch down to the “off” position. The LED Notifications will not be turned off. To turn this setting back on, simply push the switch to the “on” position.

  • What is Auto Lock and how do I turn it on?

    Auto Lock is a feature that will automatically lock the door 30 seconds after a valid unlock code is entered or the turn button or key is used. To turn this feature on, take the cover off of the interior portion of the lock. Towards the bottom right are 4 settings. Auto Lock is setting #2. Simply push the switch up to the “on” position. The lock will now automatically lock 30 seconds after the door is unlocked.

  • How do I mute the beeper on the lock?

    To mute the beeper, take the cover off of the interior portion of the lock. Towards the bottom right are 4 settings. Muting the Beeper Lock is setting #3. Simply push the switch down to the “Off” position. The beeper will now be muted and not make noises as the buttons on the exterior are pushed.

  • What should I do if the motor sounds like it is struggling to open or close?

    This usually happens when the batteries are dying. If you have recently changed your batteries, there may be an issue with the door’s latch rubbing the bolt or the door’s weatherstripping. This requires the bottom knob/lever jamb strike to be adjusted to ensure that the deadbolt/latch operates smoothly and freely without hitting the strike.

  • After installation, I cannot get the lock to either lock or unlock the door.

    Has the lock been handed? See installation instructions on how to hand the lock.

  • What if the lock is not immediately discovered upon trying to pair it with a controller?

    Remove the interior section of the lock and take it over to the Z-wave controller. On the panel settings, initiate a “Remove Device” action, and then initiate an “Add Device” to reinstall the lock as outlined in the instructions to ensure proper and complete communication between the controller and the lock.

  • Who do I call if I have a problem with an installation?

    Call our Tech Support team at 1-800-501-9471 while the lock is still mounted on the door. Do not remove the lock from the door before calling for assistance.

  • How long will the batteries last?

    The batteries will last 1 year. Note: this is based on the motorized deadbolt being cycled ten times a day. Typical battery life is 12-16 months based on use.

  • What kind of batteries do the locks require?

    Any high quality alkaline AA battery will work. DO NOT use rechargeable batteries.

  • What happens if the batteries die?

    Prior to the battery dying, the interior LED will flash yellow/red or green/red. In addition, the exterior keypad flashes red and the lock beeps for about 3 seconds upon code entry to notify the user far in advance to change the batteries. When the batteries die, the codes are stored in non-volatile RAM on the RF card. The lock will remain in the position it was last in. The motor will not work. Entrance is still available with a key.

  • What is the warranty on the Weiser Home Connect Door Locks?

    One year warranty on the electronics. Lifetime warranty on the finish and mechanicals.