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Repair Help

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Repair Help


Need help with your WeiserLock  product? Not able to identify the product you have? Let the WeiserLock experts help you.

Take a couple of digital pictures of your WeiserLock product to help us identify your model. Send us an email with your contact information and nature of the problem. Attach your pictures to the email and give us a couple of business days to identify the correct model number of your WeiserLock product and email you repair information.


Helpful Tips:


Take two or three photos from different angles from front, back and from the side of the door to help us identify your model. If inquiring about a specific part of a product then take a close up photo of the part and a wider view shot that includes the entire product. For example, if inquiring about a latch then take a close up photo of the latch and also a photo of the entire unit. Multiple photos will help us identify your product.

Be as specific as possible in your description of the problem. For example, rather than stating that your lock is broken/defective, describe what part is broken or defective.


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